The Campus

The Campus is home to multiple Christian higher education schools. Students join as an extension of the Home of Hope education for discipleship training and education towards ministry.  On this one campus, we enroll young men and women whose desire is to be effective Christian workers, teachers, church planters, and pastors--ministry leaders ready to meet the challenges of reaching the unreached.  The current Hope Generation projects are:

  • H.E.A.R.T.: This two-year program focuses on Home, Encouragement, Accountability, Relationship, and Teaching (H.E.A.R.T.).  Students attend a nearby two-year college, completing courses begun either in the Home of Hope or their village. During this time of transition from home to higher education, they are discipled, trained in vocational opportunities (computer, driving, vo-tech, spoken English, etc.).
  • Cross Point: This school takes students deeper into knowledge of the Bible while being involved in active ministry opportunities.  It aims to produce ministry leaders ready to meet the challenges of an emerging world. Depending on the level chosen, a B.A. degree is available at the level through Global University.  

Recent Updates

DTI Graduation

Published Mon, Oct 19, 15. Written by Heather Rostocil.

DTI.jpg (original) 

Each year at the AG Campus in Bangladesh, we conduct two six-month training courses called The Discipleship Training Institute (DTI).  Pastors recommend young people to come to the DTI.  These are mostly young people who have no Christian background at all.  In each DTI, we stress salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the call of God. You usually get what you go for.  Again, the DTI was a big success.  The DTI has been a feeder into our normal Bible school program.  Pray for these young people as they make decisions on their futures.

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